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Riga, Saturday 21 November 2009

Baltic Perl Workshop is the pilot Perl event in Baltic States.

Newsletters — information from the organizers about the details of the event.

There are many events devoted to Perl in the world: they differ in size (conferences and smaller events, workshops), and can be found in every continent and in many countries. Perl is over 20 year old itself. Cheap, or grassroot Perl events are popular more than 10 years and the number of Perl events is growing each year.

Baltic Perl Workshop 2009 is the first such event in Baltic States, while there were workshops and conferences to the West, East, North and South of Latvia. Pilot remark in the title means that the organizers would like to introduce the concept of Perl Workshop in Baltic States. If it goes well, it might become annual, and the place for next year might be chosen in either Lithuania or Estonia, or Latvia again.


Official language of the event is English: it would help to attract more people, although we would be happy to have talks in Latvian as well.

Call for speakers

Baltic Perl Workshop asks everyone who loves Perl, or just uses it to give a talk at the conference. We suggest to limit talk durations with either 20, 40 or 60 minutes. You may also submit a five minute lightning talk. To submit a talk, use the special form.


Venue is located in the center of Old Town in “Kampenhauzens” conference room in Konventa hotel. Address is  Kaleju Str. 9/11, Riga, LV 1050 (look for Kalēju iela on street signs).


Riga’s hotels are comfortable; you may find many of them in the center of the city, but we’d recommend you to stay at Konventa.

Konventa hotel offers special price for attendees of Baltic Perl Workshop: 50 € per night (single or double room). Please notify that you are going to Baltic Perl Workshop in “Kampenhauzens” room when booking the room.

How to get to Riga

Riga is the base of airBaltic which connects Riga with many European cities. We would be very glad to see people not only from Latvia but also from other countries.

How much does it cost?

Baltic Perl Workshop is gratis, i. e. it is free for everyone who wants to give a talk, listen to speakers, or socialize with Perl community. You can help making the event better by asking you company to sponsor it. Even the event is free, please register on this website so that we know how many people come.

Riga in November
Previous events

We have been organizing lots of Perl events in seven countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Uzbekistan, Latvia and Kazakhstan. The distance between the most Western and the most Eastern places of our workshops is more than 9000 kilometers.

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If your company loves Perl, welcome to become our sponsor. White to for further information.